What could be better than the original Lomo LC-A? The Lomo LC-A+ of course! Produce photos with lush, radiant colors using the legendary Minitar 1 lens. Soar to new heights with fresh features and a whole range of experimental accessories. A defining camera in the history of Lomography, with the Lomo LC-A+ in your hand, you'll see the world in a whole new way.


  • Shoot Ultra-Vibrant Photos: Equipped with the legendary Minitar 1 32/2.8 Lens, the LC-A+ takes photos bursting with life, contrasts and vignettes. 

    Create Easy Multiple Exposures: Shoot stunning multiple exposures with the simple slide of a switch

    Maximum ISO Control: Expanded settings allow you to pick your ISO anywhere from 100 to 1600 

    Effortless Long Exposures: Use the included Cable-Release Thread to create beautiful long exposure photos

    Attach your Flash: Thanks to the camera Hot-Shoe you can light up your shots with your favorite flashes.

    Experiment with Accessories: The LC-A+ is compatible with a whole range of exclusive accessories.

    Uses 35mm Film: The LC-A+ shoots all kinds of 35mm film, be it Color Negative, Slide, or Black and White. There are loads of choices available!