LCA 120

The original Lomo camera in 120 m"m version

LCA 120 lp120int

2,175.00 2,050.00

The LC-A 120 is truly a medium format camera like no other. It is a family member of the legendary LOMO LC-A and LC-Wide cameras and offers the same glowing colors & fine contrasts we love so much. The LC-A 120 is perfect size to take with you anywhere, making it the epitome of Lomography’s 10 Golden Rules for unbridled shooting in the moment.

With tons of features including 4 step zone focusing, multiple exposures, long exposures with slow sync flash, cable release & tripod thread, a fantastic wide angle premium glass lens & programmatic automatic exposure. The LC-A 120 will breathe a new fire into the way you shoot on 120 film.